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Establishing deep roots in the early foundation of healthy habits, appropriate routines and safe practices.

Through empowering, educating and equipping families to nurture these practices, together we can be successful in watching your little seed, SPROUT! 

Welcome to Sprout Newborn  Care 

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Hey Mama

Welcome to your journey into the heart of specialized newborn care! Leveraging my previous experience as a newborn and infant nanny, my journey through motherhood and expertise as a Newborn Care Specialist and family photographer, my mission is to support, enhance and simplify your experience as a new parent. Together, let's devise a customized plan that fits your unique needs, enabling you to confidently navigate the beautiful complexities of parenthood.

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I'm Erin!

Client Love Notes

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When I think of words to describe Erin, hard working, compassionate and creative come to mind. She is a giving nanny and strives to create the best environment possible for her families. Erin had the added challenge of caring for our medically fragile son. When he was born, he spent some time in the NICU for breathing aide. Once he came home, he had to do breathing treatments. Erin would administer these treatments in a way where he felt comfortable. I strongly recommend Erin. I would hire her again. Mrs. Serna is a competent and compassionate nanny and will be an asset to your family.”

Jennifer H

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